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A land for all 4-seasons, with its young and dynamic population, Turkey's Cinema-TV-Commercial production is in its golden era.

See: "How Turkish Soap Operas Took Over The World"


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Turkey’s strategic geo-political condition creates a unique blend of the East and the West, and anything in between. The historical and modern feeling is what draws international blockbusters such as “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”, “Argo”, “”Taken 2”, “Skyfall”, “Inferno” and “Netflix's Originals: The Protector” to shoot here.

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Working with PostLab & FilmLab, you can get to work with a Netflix director, team up with internationally experienced top talent crew; high level executive/line producers, and/or may prefer to bring your own director, DP and cast/crew members.


But what’s even more decisive, is the exchange rate! PostLab & FilmLab offer you top level quality (just check our resume and decide for yourself), for a much lower price, due to the exchange rate!


We offer;


Experience in snow, rain, rigging, flying, car chase, stuntwork


Fluent in English

Very easy to work with 

Adaptable to your workflow

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Latest technology Equipment; 4K Anamorphic Arri, Varicam 35, Red, Leica Lenses, Master-Ultra Primes, 360 Sky Panels, Panther, Chase Cars, Russian Arm with Movi Xl, Drones with professional pilots,  etc.


Airports, trains, planes, bridges, ships, crowded streets, malls, deserts, mountains, beaches,  forests etc… Any type of setting with easy access low budget. 

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Casting options are limitless; race, nationality, age, or a certain talent…

Daily working hours: 12+4 hours per day in commercials; 12 hours per day in feature films, 6 days a week.

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Direct flights from LA, NY, Chicago, Miami and San Francisco to Istanbul, with Turkish Airlines Planes. First class seating, 5 star stay, comfy & vip transfer service.

Our latest promo video for Monster Energy Drink directed by Can Evrenol also Netflix Series: The Protector director.

Starring reowned Ufc Fighter Gökhan Saki and

Turkish rockstar Athena - Gökhan Özoguz.

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Give your client a fantastic journey and a wonderful looking film!

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